Burgers in Stuttgart

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Where to fin best burgers in Stuttgart is always a good question?

Having had the best laid plans for a business trip in Milano scuppered by the Italian air traffic controllers strike (*shakes fist*) just three hours before we were supposed to fly out, it took another hour and a half to scramble around and find a last second replacement that didn’t involve flying over Italian air space. Cue a hastily booked trip to Stuttgart city.

Knowing nothing about the Stuttgart city, or the area where our hotel was, meant a bit of a voyage of discovery, the eat-y/drink-y bits I’ll fill you in on shortly.

Over the last couple of years, lagging Stuttgart by some distance, there have been a spate of burger joints opening over the city. It’s fair to say it’s nascent, and there’s some serious competition in the sausage space (words I use very carefully, given how liberal this city is) – but I found a great places I can give burgers in Stuttgart!

Among the hidden treasures in the Bayern State are off-the-beaten-path burger joints that serve up some of the finest burgers on the planet. This week I had an opportunity to venture from my suburban home in Roma to eat a burger at Restaurant Metropolitan in Leonberg— a five year American diner restaurant establishment near the Stuttgart airport and crossing Bundesautobahn 81   and Dreieck Leonberg (A 8)

restaurant leonberg metropolitan

American dinner near Stuttgart airport

If you would like some refreshments before the flight or after shopping, daily newspaper for the trip, a cup of good coffee in pleasant company, Restaurant Leonberg is the right place for you. There you can try fantastic burgers and other dishfes for best prices. Restaurant metropolitan in Leonberg is at your disposal if you want a good and tasteful burgers in Stuttgart. The passengers on Stuttgart international flights may also use the Cinema Traumpalast located in Leonberg near Stuttgart airport.

Burgers in Stuttgart

In Metropolitan Leonberg the system is simple. Order from menu (burgers here are around Eur 10 each and beers are about Eur 3), perch at a table and chill during the inexorable wait for your burger to come out in great 50’s american atmosphere. The fact this is in the middle of a traffic road “Leonebrg Ost” with car and truck passing near Leomberg definitely makes for an urban Stuttgart experience. The burgers in Stuttgart, in Metroplitan Leonberg, when they arrive, are good looking beasts. Thickly caramelised, dark brown crusts on the patties (almost chicken-fried levels of crustiness) contrast against the bright yellow American cheese. It’s all wrapped in a toasted brioche bun too. The flavour is also big, ketchup and mayo mingling with the full-flavoured bacon and sticky American cheese, for me this pips Burger de Ville and it’s the cheese that’s the difference. Salad here is iceburg lettuce, it’s not chopped but gives a great crunch against the softness of the rest of the burger. The big wedge of tomato is the let-down.

best burgers in stuttgart

Texas Hot Burger

Texas hot Burger immediately attacked with Cattle Patty, Jalapenos, Chili Salsa, Cheddar abd Corn – it was stuffy and the ingredients made their way, which is as rough as it sounds; flesh worship at the top.

Chicken Crispy Burgers in Stuttgart

For many fried chicken lovers, the first time they truly had excellent fried chicken buregrs out in their minds as a defining memory. Between the crispiness of the golden fried skin, and the sumptuous juiciness of the dark or white meat, the film of luxurious grease it leaves, or the crispy sound in each bite, fried chicken can be considered a veritable circus of the senses. Here at Restaurant Metropolitan in Leonberg, we’re proud to provide the highest quality Chicken Crispy Burgers in Stuttgart.

Veggie Burgers in Stuttgart

Aside from beer and beef burger, this Restaurant Metropolitan in Leonbergalso served up one of most popular veggie burgers. A black bean patty, under roasted beets and caramelized onions, make Veggie Burger a delicious meat free addition to Restaurant Metropolitan in Leonberg offer.

veggie burgers in stuttgart

Burgers in Stuttgart – Pulled Beef Burger

If there is not enough of everything, there is a chance to spice things up with the Pulled Beef Burger – my favorite, there is a bit of heat in it and the taste of the race giving the other one. From here, the situation is rough, not the tiniest one, and we know what it means.

The burgers in Stuttgart from Metropolitan Leonberg, is place where everybody can find their choice, and it’s not expensive at all. Restaurant Metropolitan Leonberg is a very positive surprise category, it’s worth a visit to Leonberg, Stuttagart!


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Restaurant Metropolitan

In the Leonberg and in close near of Stuttgart city, Metropolitan restaurant has been and still is a great place to stop for a quick, satisfying and inexpensive bit to eat since 2016. From lunch, to diner, Metropiltan serves all of your classic American favorites, in a diner style restaurant that makes everyone feel like at home.


You are welcome to request reservations in our Restaurant Metropolitan via our contact form!

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