Stuttgart – how to spend ur time and which place to visit!

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Stuttgart – how to spend ur time and which place to visit!

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Stuttgart is the capital of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. It is located on several elevations, valleys and parks, in the center of the densely populated area of Germany. The city center has about 615,000 inhabitants, and with surrounding suburbs it is as much as 2,7 million.

Stuttgart – a completely different German metropolis

As soon as you arrive at Stuttgart you will be clear – this is not an ordinary city in Germany. It is surrounded by hills, and the air is clean, there are no tall buildings in it. Also, due to hills, Stuttgart has over 400 stairways connecting the city center with the surrounding hills on which the building is forbidden, so that they can be found by which church.
Unlike other German cities where the main beer is a beer, Stuttgart is recognizable for good wine as well as delicious food and interesting festivals.

Stuttgart is a „car cradle“

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In addition to its exceptional nature, this is an economically strong city, which occupies 30th place on the list of the world’s most beautiful cities for life.
Investors call it the creative power of Germany, because it produced the first four-wheel motorcycle and a car, as well as the first prototype of the Volkswagen Beetle, designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Majbach are still produced in Stuttgart and its surroundings, and it justifies the title of the center of the automotive industry.

Experience something new – visit the unique zoo in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a city where you can see great museums, old churches, romantic castles, as well as modern and avant-garde art. But if you want to experience something completely different, be sure to visit a zoo that travels over 2 million visitors annually. Wilhelma is more than a zoo, it is also a botanical garden located in the complex of a beautiful castle, where on a surface of 30 acres you can see about 11,500 animals and about 6,000 plants from all climatic areas.

Wilhelm was built in 1829 for King Wilhelm I, and after his abdication in 1919, he was opened to the public, but only as a botanical garden. Only in the middle of the 20th century, the first aquarium was created, and then a slight inhabitation of animals from all parts of the world began.
This unique blend of flora and fauna promises a day filled with entertainment for the whole family.


Stuttgart is an important cultural center

Stuttgart has been selected twice for the German city of culture, and if you know that there are over 250 theaters and operas and over 400 fountains, this title is justified. For all lovers of the seventh art, a visit to the Traumpalast cinema in Leonberg is required, which is a real „gemstone“ in the film world. Each movie theater is equipped with state-of-the-art 3D projection technology and Dolby Atmos sound system, making it unique in Germany.

Burgers – a dish that you have to try

restaurant leonberg germany metropolitan

To satisfy your palate after a good movie, you do not have to rush too much, because there is Metropolitan Leonberg in the cinema building. This restaurant is famous for the best burgers, which are prepared according to the traditional recipe, and for the full enjoyment of friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere.

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Restaurant Metropolitan

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