The history of the burgers

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The history of the burgers

Burgers – the most famous American food

Burgers are the most famous food in America, but also around the world.
The first association on them for many is junk food. However, the burgers are much more than fast food; They are real magic in tasty, but simple bites.

Burgers have a long history

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Although burgers bind to the American continent, their existence is much longer. In Apicius cook, a similar dish is mentioned in the 4th century where beef is mixed with pine grains, black pepper and isicia omentate is called. Other sources have the existence of a burger linked to Genghis Khan and his conquest of Russia, Ukraine and Mongolia.

There are almost no dishes for which there are more legends about the emergence of a burger. According to one story, the modern version was invented by Oto Kause in 1891, which came to America through German emigrants and sailors. The second version attributes credit to the Danish emigrant Luis Lasen, who was selling food on the street in New Haven in 1900. On one occasion, he was left with no steaks, and as it was necessary to serve the client urgently, he sold a minced beef platter, served between two pieces of toast. Zalogaj was so pleased with customers that Lasen continued to prepare him.
Officially, the first burger with this name appeared at the World Trade Fair in St. Louis in 1904.

Burgers and burgers – the difference

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Many wonder if there is a difference between a home-made burger and an American burger.
Burgers are made exclusively of minced meat from the buttock, sometimes the neck, about two fingers thick and weighing about 100 grams, while the smallest burger is 150 grams. Minced meat must be medium baked to keep freshness and aroma, they must never be burned!

Another specificity of American burgers is the land in which it is served, since it must also be specially saved to be soft and airy. Burgers are never used in buns or somuns as burgers. Required additives are lettuce, paradise, onion, pickled cucumber, then bacon or cheese leaves, while ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and chili sauce are used as coating.

Burgers entered the Guinness Book of Records!

Burgers have great influence in gastronomy. They make 60 percent of total sales in fast food restaurants in America. They initially cost 49 cents, and today, prices in America range from $ 1 to $ 15.

That this is not just an industrialized dish, but a real gourmet pleasure is also indicated by the fact that the burgers were found in Ginis’s book of records. Namely, in 2001, at the Burger Fest in Seymour, Wisconsin, the largest burger ever made, and weighed 8,266 grams.

New trends among burgers

The popularity of the burger grows year by year, as evidenced by trends in this food. Although the recipe is basically traditional, experienced chefs around the world imaginatively put some new ingredients in their versions, or combine existing ones in a completely new way. These modifications also significantly affect the price of a burger that can reach as much as $ 5,000!

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