SCHNITZEL WIENER ART- origin and where to eat in Leonberg

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Schnitzel “Wiener Art” in Leonberg

History of the Wiener Schnitzel

In order to understand the origin of the food we call the Wiener Schnitzel, we must return a few centuries back, more precisely, in the time of the Byzantine Empire. At the time of the greatest power, the Byzantine Empire was the main event, while Constantinople was the center of the world.

Emperors of the empire could afford to give themselves whatever they wanted. Since it was not possible then to buy hyper cars and diamond masks for phones, they were satisfied to show their wealth by food. But not any food, but gilded!

Let’s accelerate a few centuries ahead, we come to medieval Italy. The Italians were a little envious of their neighbors from Byzantium, so they themselves began to decorate their food with golden leaflets, in order to show their fortune.

However, with the onset of increasing drought, the Italians had to stop this practice. At the beginning of the 15th century, the practice of using gold in food for medical reasons was abolished. Someone was smart enough to replace the gold with bread crumbs, which would have frowned with a golden color.

Let’s go a few more centuries ahead, there is a Count Radetzky, well-known to the fans of Vienna concerts along the famous Radetzky March. During his trips to Italy, Count Radetzky had the opportunity to taste local specialties of northern Italy.

Allegedly, one specialty liked him – “Costoletta alla Milanese”, for which Italians claim to be the real “Wiener Schnitzel” while only a copy is mentioned. In one of his reports, he mentioned a very tasty meal of veal, and on his return, Emperor of Austria Franz Josef I himself, sought from the Count Radetzky recipe, the rest is history.

Schnitzel Wiener Art Leonberg Stuttgart

What is Wiener Schnitzel

The Wiener Schnitzel is a thin piece of veal batter, sprinkled with crumbs of bread, fried in oil and served with lemon and potatoes in various versions (salad, french fries, bun …). It can be said that this specialty is a must-have experience during a visit to Leonberg.

Traditional only beef steak from veal. What is interesting for a modern Wiener Schnitzel is that it is forbidden by law to have a meal bearing this name (Wiener Schnitzel) unless it is prepared with veal. If it is prepared with pork, it is usually called Schnitzel Wiener Art.

Stuttgart is famous for its many things, superb architecture, various pastries, cakes, Christmas markets, and, of course, Wiener Schnitzel. To feel the fantastic taste of Wiener Schnitzel, head to the restaurant Metropolitan in Leonberg and eat a traditional Schnitzel Wiener Art.


Restaurant Metropolitan

In the Leonberg and in close near of Stuttgart city, Metropolitan restaurant has been and still is a great place to stop for a quick, satisfying and inexpensive bit to eat since 2016. From lunch, to diner, Metropiltan serves all of your classic American favorites, in a diner style restaurant that makes everyone feel like at home.


You are welcome to request reservations in our Restaurant Metropolitan via our contact form!

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